• Fascia Blaster Massage Ball
  • Fascia Blaster Massage Ball
  • Fascia Blaster Massage Ball

Fascia Blaster Massage Ball


  • • IMPROVES MUSCLE MOBILITY & RECOVERY ★ Remove those painful stiff muscle knots with premium lacrosse style massage trigger point balls. As a myofascial release ball they help improve muscle flexibility, break down scar tissue and improve your posture.
  • • RAPID PAIN RELIEF ★ Working too hard? Overcome sore feet/knees, back pain and stiff shoulders with our FIRM myofascial release balls. Iron out painful muscles whilst watching Netflix or at the gym! Our Physical Therapists have created an incredibly detailed instruction manual for you to get into every tight area of your body. The areas a foam roller is just too big to get at. If you like a FIRM massage you will love these.
  • • TRAIN LIKE AN ANIMAL ★ Whether you love running, barre or F45 , our deep tissue massage balls maintain your athletic dominance. Breaking down scar tissue and manipulating knotted muscles leads to more balance and length in your muscles. This means more strength, endurance and power!
  • • ORDER NOW! WORRY FREE! ★ We believe that our products are the best available, which is why they come with a full LIFETIME money-back guarantee. If you aren't happy, simply return our massage balls and we'll REFUND your money.